ChatShield Network Version for Schools & Charities

ChatShield is used within a number of schools & charities in the UK. On application, each organisation receives a network version of the software which can quickly be installed on their server, and then rolled-out to everyone in the organisation who uses Windows Live Messenger as a communication tool.

ChatShield is available to all non-profit organisations for a minimal cost. The price simply covers our administration fees. We also provide free email & telephone support to all customers.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the options for installing ChatShield within your organisation.


Business-Grade Instant Messaging (IM) System
For business IM users, we would recommend our secure web-based IM system, ChatSure, which allows companies to benefit from the productivity gains from using IM as a business communication tool, while protecting the company from threats such as viruses, & confidentiality breaches.

ChatSure links to the NetIDme ID verification service, to ensure that employees can be confident when they are transferring commercially sensitive files across the IM system. All conversations are encrypted to ensure that they cannot be intercepted by a third party. All transcripts are logged and archived to ensure compliance with electronic communication policies.


ChatShield Network Version System Requirements:

Browser Compatibility:
ChatShield works with Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and above.

Operating System:
Windows XP and Vista.

Windows Live Messenger:
ChatShield works with version 8 and above. Please upgrade to the latest version before rolling out ChatShield to individual PCs.

NetIDme Registration:
Once you have installed ChatShield, users who do not already have NetIDme accounts, will need to register with NetIDme.

NetIDme Verification:
The secure, online registration takes a few minutes. In most cases, users who are over 18 are verified online immediately. In cases where we are unable to verify their details, or if users are under 18 at the time of registration, we will carry out additional verification.