NetIDme Secure Digital Identity Management

NetIDme verifies the age & identity of individuals who use ChatShield (for users under 18, the person's parent or guardian is verified). This prevents anonymous people from contacting your children in Windows Live Messenger. If the person does not have a NetIDme account, their communication will simply be blocked.

Once fully verified, NetIDme members have their own, password protected 'virtual ID card' (their Net-ID) that they can use online to prove their age or identity, without disclosing any personal information, other than; their age, first name, gender, and county or state.

NetIDme provides a secure, simple way to control, and share, your verified identity information online. It's great for online auctions, social networking, IM, and chat rooms:

  • Verify & share relevant identity information with trusted online contacts
  • Manage and protect your online identity information
  • Establish trust in your personal and professional online relationships

The secure, NetIDme online registration takes a few minutes. In most cases, users who are over 18 are verified online immediately. In cases where NetIDme is unable to verify their details, or if they are under 18 at the time of registration, NetIDme will carry out additional verification.

Data Security
NetIDme employs strict security measures to protect all of our members' data. The NetIDme online registration process is secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology (in the same way your bank will protect any information you send them across the internet). Contact information does not display in NetIDme profiles, therefore even if someone guessed a member's password, they would not be able to use this to find out any personally identifiable information other than first name, age, and gender. In addition, NetIDme does not store any credit/debit card information on our secure servers, nor do we store mailing addresses for our users.

We take every possible measure to ensure the highest level of security is maintained in NetIDme online, and offline procedures. Our servers are located in controlled, restricted access environments. All NetIDme staff are checked by Disclosure Scotland, part of the Scottish Criminal Records Office.

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