ChatShield makes instant messaging (IM) safer for kids

Young Boy on LaptopParental control tool to reduce the risk of internet predators and online bullies contacting your children via IM

ChatShield is a simple parental control tool for Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) that automatically checks all instant messaging (IM) contacts against the NetIDme identity verification service, and simply stops any unidentifiable contacts from sending or receiving instant messages to/from your children.

Why do I need ChatShield parental control for Windows Live Messenger?

Young Girl Using LaptopInstant Messaging (IM) is hugely popular with young people as it’s a quick and easy way to chat to people over the Internet. Unfortunately, children are frequently contacted by people they don’t know in IM.

They will often have hundreds of people in their contacts list, but will only be able to positively identify a small number.

ChatShield allows your children to chat to their genuine friends via Windows Live Messenger, without you having to monitor, or block their conversations. You can set appropriate parental controls levels for each of your children. For example, you can stop young children from chatting with anyone that you haven't approved by restricting their contact to only friends & family that you have added to a 'trusted contacts list'.

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